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Since all they have to go by to determine whether or not you are sexy to them is your profile picture and information, you need to make sure that you don’t turn them off before they even have a chance to get to know you.Unsexy words include big words that are hard to understand, such as ‘impeccable’ or ‘companionable’.” then you will appear boring and generic (because a lot of people use this ‘clever’ answer as a response) and people will quickly pass your profile by. When people look at your profile, they are looking for someone who is going to add fun and excitement into their life, not complications and drama.If you let people have a glimpse into the side of your life that usually scares potential lovers away, then they are quickly going to click off your profile and never look at it again.The problem is that sarcasm, when written down, can often sound rude, arrogant, and even non-confident.Why would someone want to get to know a rude, arrogant, and non-confident person? If they sense any of those things, they will quickly move on to someone else.

If someone fills in their profile with generic, ready-made answers, then they are going to come across as boring, unoriginal, and lame.

Therefore, do not fill in your profile with statements such as “Everyone I know thinks I am the nicest, funniest, and most charming person they have ever met and I win over everyone I see with my good looks.” The truth is that nobody has the ability to win over everyone with their good looks, and not everyone is this life is going to like you.

We all know that, so don’t try to convince us otherwise.

Use words that the majority of people use when they talk, such as ‘great’ or ‘friendly’ to remove an unsexy stigma.

Now that you know what not to include in your dating profile, let’s talk about how to write a good online dating profile that interests readers and makes them want to know more.

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