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Abledating are Russian Scammers run by Dmitry Rudakov, Zelenaya 4-42, Vladimir, Russia and do not do business with either Abledating, ABK-Soft or any associated businesses such as Vista Pages for webhosting or Avangate for CC processing.

Abledating does not work and you will not get a refund.

Powerful, fast and stable PHP/My SQL-based open-source dating community software. Protection against cracked Able Dating nulled and warez versions with IP manual checking.

Nulled Able Dating will not allow video or audio chats, etc.

And it seems to be a pretty nice idea actually; why not?Soon after I purchased the script I requested a 30 Day money back guarantee. p=4802480The is shared with other sites so you have all these other site admins running around telling you your on their site and confused. Gary the help desk staff member me to give a good reason as to why I wanted to take up the "30 Day Money Back Guarantee".You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.Info : Founder : Dmitry Rudakov () 7.4955098558 Fax: 7.4955098558 Zelenaya 4-42 Vladimir, VLADIMIR 600017 RUI purchased the Abledating script including custom design for 7. Community leaders post about reviews made by three suspicious members.

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