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Conversation with these young adults I love more than anything doesn’t seem to be as easy as it should be.Why Your Child May Go Silent Turns out, many parents who can claim amiable relations with their adult children feel the same way I do. Clark, a clinical psychologist located in Washington, D.We text, email and every now and then talk on the phone.Although we may disagree about stuff like who deserved an Academy Award or what constitutes a clean kitchen, we don’t really fight.The perfect depiction of this situation is when Bruce Banner feels a threat and begins to transform into the Incredible Hulk.

Start talking down to me or patronizing me in a belittling tone and I can feel my blood pressure rise.The result of this dissonance: uncomfortable moments when every discussion topic you float elicits the resounding thud of silence. Luckily, as long as parents and their grown children don’t have serious relationship issues, there are quite a few ways to turn on the conversation tap. That means the best way to catch up with your kids is to go where they are: electronic messages.If Hillary Clinton, whose texting became Internet famous, learned to type on her phone, so can you.“The more control your young adult feels he or she has over when you talk, the likelier he or she will be to relax when the phone rings,” Pincus says. A few questions are OK, especially if you’re referring to recent happenings in their lives. So is something like, “Have you been late to work again since that time last week?“What happened with ____” (fill in the blank with anything your child mentioned last time you spoke) can be part of the ebb and flow of a conversation. ” Much better openers would be along the lines of, “Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?

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