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The paper was accompanied by a video showing off the team's creations, which also happened to be scored with a disconcertingly chill-vibes soundtrack.

Usually, a synthesized talking head requires you to train an artificial intelligence system on a large data set of images of a single person.

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The technology, of course, can be used for fun, like bringing a classic portrait to life.

The Mona Lisa, which exists solely as a single still image, is animated in three different clips to demonstrate the new technology.

The researchers saw their breakthrough being used in a host of applications, including video games, film and TV.

But deepfake technology can also be insidious, such as when it's used to graft an unsuspecting person's face into explicit adult movies, a technique sometimes used in revenge porn.

Because so many photos of an individual were needed, deepfake targets have usually been public figures, such as celebrities and politicians.

The Samsung system uses a trick that seems inspired by Alexander Graham Bell's famous quote about preparation being the key to success.

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Generally, a deepfake system aims at eliminating those visual hiccups.

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