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PETER KRIES, 168 Wert Fayette street, le T-lmft Wit between Howard Md Eutaw st». IN ORDER TO ACCOMMODATE THOSE WHO WISH TO AVOID SHOPPING IN THE HEAT OE THE DAY WE SHALL HAVE IN ATTENDANCE A SPECIAL FORCE OK '•ALR*? A FEW FINE CHOICE PARASOLS, PARASOLS, SAMPLES OF A LEADING MAKER, AT 94 90 I SOME COST 49 OO. "Whit,” said the prophet, "mean tho lowing of the herds and the bleating of the sheep?

When the prophet came after the battle Saul reported that he had executed his orders and won a creat victory.

The old men can stand at the helm of the ship of State when the sea is calm, but the young men must take the wheel when the storm come*. and Pelpio Africanus beat him and ever whet fuel the enefl-eent reforms in tho Plate are the product of th*- courage and determination of young men.

He was unthroned, uncrowned and unkinged, and all for that act of disobedience. In the beginning of the life of usefulness to your country that lies before you, reaolve to live it in obedience to the powers that be, and you will find your wav clear of many obstacles that otherwise will gather before you and cause you pain and trouble to overcome. CHOICEST FRENCH FLOWERS AND OSTRICH PLUMES ANI) TIPS, in all the new and fashionable* shades, with the latest design? There may Lh- no gun» nor drum *nor wounds, no glory nor fame, but if you faithfully discharge your duty to your country you will deserve the praise of your countrymen a« much a* if you had sought the bubble reputation at the cannon's mouth os on the Slippery decks of ; a man-of-war. John*» College; members of the Umrd of visitors, member* of the Academy board and number* of ladies. Orders of gra luaie»detach them from the academy aud send them to their homes. A RM ST KO NG, 12*» LEXINGTON STREET AND 22 PARK AVK., Imites the attention of the l.adie* to Die largest and most desirable stock of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS to be found In this city,'embracing BONNETS AND HATS, Trimmed and Untrimmed, in every quality, color aud shape, and at tiuirked-dou'u pro es. It mar be your fortune to live through your live»* without ever hearing the sound of a hostile gun. Gray and av cb* tor of the graduates, were also given their diploma». wiio by their valor would inscribe tijeir name* on tho scroll of fame side by side with Paul Jones and Preble, and Perry and Bainbridge, and Decatur and lawrence, and Hull and June . “Act well your part, there all the honor "lies.” Young gentlemen, in I bidding you adieu, I leave with you my w arm- J est wishes for your success, one and all. *’» I address there followed a «cene such as ha» never bean witnessed at that institution, nor probably excelled in dramatic interest in any commencement exercises. cadets had listened with great interest an I applauded to the echo the address of Mr. if the opportunity offered I havo not a j doubt that there are young men 1»-fore me ! But whether the op- I Gnu portunlty come or not, you can do your duty to your country.

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