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She would email me at the end of her work day, leaving me with a cliffhanger so raw and thought provoking that I could not help but respond right away.

I needed to think about her words, the statements she so carefully offered me in our exchanges, sometimes offering me crumbs of the life she remembered in Sri Lanka.

Dinushka was from a country that outlawed homosexuality and I was from a conservative Baptist home.

Also, brown and black women had never appealed to me. Eventually, they immigrated to the United States when she was 5 years old.When our first date came around, I desperately wanted to hold her hand during our movie, over lunch, and on the walk back to her apartment that night.I knew that dating her, committing to her would defy all of the things I thought I knew about myself.She grew up on the East Coast and soon began to call America home.I, on the other hand, didn’t know much about Sri Lanka or anything about South Asia until I met her.

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We just simply listened to the stories; the coming out stories, the battles fought and won, the love we wanted from others, the family conflicts, and the deep desires.

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