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I truly believe that the only way to stop the trend that you observed is that men stop giving validation to women through these tools.

As masculine guys that all in here strive to be, we can start our part in this process, and find alternative ways to score muff (maybe I am just ugly as hell and never got anything online ).

I avoid online game like the plague, wheter in the west or in Slavic lands.

keep talking to them in English, even if they keep insisting they don't understand, ignore it, even if you speak it fluent like i do.

Only once you get to the whatsapp bust out the Spanish.

@Il Bersagliere: Badoo and Scout added for Vietnam @whiteknightrises: Added tinder to South Korea as definitely providing results.

Maybe it is not on Apple store as Korea manufactures Samsung and everyone hates I-phones? With RVF troops probably covering more than 80% of countries on this planet, I am sure we could commonly create the most accurate online gaming apps map, with hints perks and even results to be expected. On the next edition I am planning to add specific popular cities (at least once in my knowledge) and the quantity quality results review.

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