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So-called “deep learning” neural networks, which (to oversimplify) are structured like our own brains, and are trained rather than programmed, help power Facebook’s news feed, Google’s search engine, and Tesla’s self-driving cars.They perform feats of pattern recognition far beyond what is possible with traditional programmed software. The truth is that the tech industry does not believe chatbots are the future.Key Points: – This post highlighting 6 bots that are powering social good for everyone, not just businesses.– These include bots that help people solve legal issues, get therapy, quit smoking and learn to meditate. Chatbots are great for customer service, ordering tickets, or just giving you weather updates, but others have nobler goals for their bots.

We have spent twenty years exploring how computers can visually display information in compelling, effective, intuitive way, and a decade determining how touch interfaces can best serve human needs. There’s no need to try to rival Apple-class design quality when your software preemptively rejects the entire concept of design.Consider the i Pod and the i Phone, devices which were beautiful.It was this world-leading design that propelled Apple into its position as the world’s most valuable company. A chatbot “interface” is essentially a command line.In truth chatbots are almost certainly a deeply flawed concept with a very limited future.They are also an excellent example of how, if you can tell an even remotely plausible tale of world domination, everyone in Silicon Valley, from startups to venture capitalists to Fortune 500 titans, will feel compelled to take you seriously—because this is a land whose very real creation myths consist almost entirely of crazy ideas that conquered the world.

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