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This is absolutely ridiculous and not a qualification for being bi. Besides, these aren't the people you really want to date anyway, right?

You've probably heard how actress and model, Amber Rose, in her recent Loveline Podcast, mentioned that she wouldn't feel comfortable dating a bi guy, even though she, herself, dates and is sexually/emotionally attracted to more than one gender.

The reason why women (and men) refuse to date us bi folks is because they believe several harmful stereotypes.

They believe that we can't be monogamous, that we'll inevitably leave them for a person of another gender, that we're confused, or that we're closeted and gay. There is an assumption that there are always additional challenges to dating a bi person.

It would also be bizarre if someone asked you on a date, and then you said, Oh, by the way, I'm bi, so if you don't want to date me that's okay. That said, it can be nerve-wracking when you're on a date with someone and they don't know that you're bi.

Because you're nervous about telling them, you can't enjoy the date.

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