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Blu Cantrell is not only gifted with a mesmerizing voice, but she is also talented with enduring beauty that has captivated lots of fans.After being so popular, adorable and successful, there is no doubt that, Blu Cantrell is loved and admired for who she is.The song uses a slightly altered instrumental of Dr.Dre's 1999 song "What's the Difference" featuring Eminem and Xzibit, In an interview with the Metro, when asked what it was like to work with Dre, Cantrell said, "It was a remix, so I never actually got to meet him.Success is no more an accident for them who has the desire of perseverance, learning, and sacrifice.One of many illustrate is an American R&B singer, Blu Cantrell, who took off the career as the backup singer for artists; has a life-changing moment as a remarkable singer just because of her dedication for the music.

In 2008, it was made public that she was one of the contestants of Celebrity Circus but she was eliminated from the first round.

But still, life did go on before these two met, so who are the men that were so lucky to hold Beyonce's hand before Jay Z, and who are the women who came before the current Mrs. The latest gossip states that Beyonce allegedly had a thing with her bodyguard Julius in order to push her husband's buttons - various media outlets have reported that Bey cheated on Jay Z, but it turned out to be just a hoax.

The world would have probably been thrilled to see Justin and Queen B come together in their private lives, just like they did on stage, but aside from a single kiss, a more serious relationship was not to be.

If you've ever wondered what Queen B's love life looked like before she hooked up with her husband Jay Z, you may be surprised when you find out! Carter was dating before he put the ring on Beyonce's finger, so a number of interesting discoveries about the famous couple's past are guaranteed.

It's hard to imagine Beyonce with anyone else except for her rapper husband since they are one of the most famous couples in the world, who have been married for almost a decade.

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