Cancer man dating a virgo woman

If you meet a Virgo man know that he is a healer who may appear not to need you, but deep down he appreciates your more exceptional points, and he will benefit from your affection and love.Curb your tendency to use emotional manipulation as a Virgo man does not read the subtle signals very well.

The danger here is that you miss many opportunities for love because of your need to protect yourself from pain.

Both trust and honest communication are vital for an earthy, practical Virgo man to feel at peace with the world.

As a Cancer woman you can appreciate their anxieties and need to take care of small details, and you will love the fact that when you want the same things.

Be patient as this is one relationship that bears fruit over time.

Virgo men live a life of the mind, and they can be complete martyrs to their work.

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Cancer’s use of subtle emotional signals to show what she wants could fly right over Virgo’s head, making the Virgo man appear cold and selfish.

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