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As we reported last week, Tori Spelling and Dean Mc Dermott are broke.

And we don't mean "my masseuse only comes twice a week now" Hollywood broke - we mean coupon-clipping, mortgage payment missing, Wonder Bread French toast for dinner broke.

She'll probably leave some money to the grandkids in her will, but skip Tori and the brother under the guise of continuing with Aaron's wishes. She's a strange person, that Candy.[quote]The woman just doesn't like her daughter. She may indeed be a strange person, but certainly not for that particular reason. It would be one thing if the kids were fuck ups or drug addicts.

Tuesday night on an emotional True Tori Season 2 Episode 7, Tori Spelling faced her biggest decision to date, while Dean began to break down mentally. That's basically the synopsis for every episode ever.

It seems being cheated on by Dean Mc Dermott isn't the only problem in Tori Spelling's personal life. As mothers and people go, she may even have Britney Spears' own mother, Lynne Spears, beat by a long shot. The senile old bag has been in the news lately for shafting daughter Tori Spelling and for writing letters to new daddy Larry Birkhead and the jail-bound Paris Hilton.

Tori Spelling is a loathsome creature and would be an embarrassment to any parent with a conscience or newspaper. But given the OBSCENE wealth she possesses, Candy simply comes off looking like petty and hateful.

She probably doesn't like her because she's a physically uglier version of herself. Put all the pretty dresses on her you want to, but it wasn't going to change a thing. I could see her doing something rad cunty like leaving all her money to the illegal Honduran maid she more than likely employs.

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