Carrie anne moss and keanu reeves dating

Carrie-Anne Moss is the subject of a respectable number of heavy-breathing fan Web sites, has logged a few minutes on Jay Leno's couch, has signed plenty of autographs.

But compared with other phenomena — her stoic costar Keanu Reeves and those much-imitated slow-motion high kicks, say — the Canadian actress seems kind of overshadowed. After four years and a handful of other movies — including the brilliant retrograde murder mystery takes place in a cave close to the earth's molten core in the subterranean city of Zion.

Sometimes I'd have to have a cry before I'd do anything. ' And I'd say, 'I'm not training now, because it's a break.' But he was training all the time when he wasn't working. And then at a certain point, if you're lucky, you realize you can make up your own mind.

Jennifer seemed to know exactly what I was talking about." ... Just getting ready for scenes or doing the moves or working with one of the trainers.

"I was on crutches, and a guy said, 'Hey, my girlfriend just auditioned for your part.'" Fortunately, the guy was full of shit. While filming in France, the boredom between shooting days was stultifying. I quit steaks for a while, but it's a hard habit to break." 11. To get the shot, Moss also had to perform a move called the Juicy Lift — a complicated maneuver she learned in stunt-driving school that involves yanking the parking brake and turning the steering wheel just so.

She recently met Jennifer Garner, the star of "I just wanted to hold her hand and say, 'You understand.' We compared notes about which muscles hurt the worst when you do this sort of action work. If I sat down and tried to take a break, he'd say, 'What are you doing?

"I felt like I was filling some kind of nudity quota that week." And she duly performed toe-sucking duties in a scene with Jeremy Piven (Moss was the receiver) in the 2000 mob comedy directing duo — ordered a screen test to see if their stars had chemistry.We paid for three of them, but I took four, and I went home and cried. I don't use computers, and all those special effects go against my natural instincts.My mom took me back, and I paid for the missing piece." 3. "I've never been interested in action movies," she says. So when we were on location, I decided to watch Clint Eastwood. I knew I needed to tap into that because I'm not a very still person. And I watched Clint and thought, Okay, Trinity can be still and still very powerful." 4. It was polyvinyl or patent leather, depending on the scene. It was just shocking to see myself so..there." Watching herself in later movies like was a little easier, mostly because her characters were much closer to the person she is in life.According to the script, the shots of Moss and Keanu Reeves grappling are intercut with feverish tribal dancing in which "sweat, spit, and mud fly from the growing fury with the rhythmic slap of naked feet against wet clay." Which certainly sounds fun to us, but apparently was not so pleasant for at least one of the participants."I'm definitely not a big fan of that part of the work," Moss says.

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"I just can't stand the sound of my voice sometimes, or how my face looks," she says.

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