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The show, about a couple who find out that being engaged is more difficult than they anticipated, is being written by Mr. Until 2005, her mother was the director of Abracadabra Preschool in Alexandria. The groom’s father is an independent commodities trader there. Asked about what had first attracted her to him, Ms.The groom was the writer of “That’s My Boy,” a 2012 film starring Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Leighton Meester. Their new show, “Marry Me,” is loosely based on Mr. Wilson, whom he met in March 2010 in Los Angeles while she was auditioning for the role of Penny on “Happy Endings.” “It’s about a very emotional woman dating a very even-keeled guy,” Ms. Wilson said: “I had never met such an attractive writer.

Rather, it felt like a tidal wave waiting in the wings that threatened everything in its path. Did I want to yell to a woman at a Beverly Hills salon who was rude to the valet "YOU ARE DRENCHED IN ENTITLEMENT!!! It was well-meaning boyfriends who wondered why we couldn't just "sleep on it and talk calmly in the morning? My prized girlfriends were patient, but I still have deep regret over the few times I turned my acid tongue on them.I wonder if growing up with a mother who was so angry at the state of things she wore a pro-choice sticker while eight months pregnant with me played a role. Between when the phone rings and when you say hello. Loss has given me a deep awareness of that pause, and in taking it, I have finally been able to harness my anger. She raised me to believe I could be anything I wanted to be. But perhaps this combination had me feeling a little free to be me. ​"Men have anger." That's a phrase my dad used to say to me whenever he had a random tantrum over losing his keys or an altercation with a meter maid. Here are things I have done in crazed fury, in no particular order: When I was a waitress and a man tipped me in pennies, I addressed the entire restaurant and pointed at his wife and announced: "I just had to spend an hour, but I'm so sorry you have to spend a lifetime with him."I tripped my college roommate after I overheard her say she didn't think I was "fun."At sixteen, when my parents told me I couldn't go out, I pulled two heavy brass sconces out of the wall by hanging from them, leaving only dangling wires in my wake. My dad says as a child I was "challenging." A "handful," raved my grandfather. I paid no attention to my mom's dog-eared copy of part? I had — naturally — replaced her in the starring role. My parents were highly successful, funny, passionate people who taught me life should be lived out loud and all big feelings felt.He would say it casually, after whatever incident had run its course. I have seriously contemplated driving my car through my home for "effect."And yet I seem so mild mannered and sweet on the surface. My mom once tried to throw a dining-room chair at my dad's head, and I barely looked up from .

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