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Diamonds In Assorted Grades Sent Prepaid For Inspection To reliable people any- where we ship diamonds In assorted grades for examination. Established 1887 s& St iway Officials Attend Dedication Of Bridge Over St. This does not make for the Incour airement of the motor tourist. Our attractive deterred payment plans are fully explained. Maier& Berkelelnc Diamond Merchants 31 Whitehall St. It is stated at the headquarters of th association hat more than 50 per cent of the cars which have come south over the Dixie highway in the last month have been shipped from Atlanta or points farther north to Jacksonville on account of i bad Toad conditions. progres fve towns and yattyosdi' No Irrigation 413 Inches ralnfal V This land wilt be sold at a few dollars p H acre on easy annual payments. For further Information about the Growing Golden Wet call at the BL Private Railroad Pullman Car now on exhibition at Vhlt ha U street bridge. THE CONSTITUTION rf Sy R g JV V Will Occupy Quarter.

all to lie ttiven in the Armory upstairs by the' Heel Fellows' Club of Atlanta to which the public a invited. girls wit dance In their 51801/ costume The making of Iliv pictures will he uider the 1 of John 1. U I tried to do any work I would have to lie down before it was finished. Pink- harne Vegetable Compound has saved the patient and made an operation un. If you have any mptam about which you would like to know write to the Lydia E. atid ilip films art to be' judged and awards KII only l y tiimher Thr- girlc uiu arriving from thli iurnea undsy afternoon. K\efi the names of the candidates are hr withhelfl from tht Juilees. Vlbwtng the making of the tunic tho young WOUIMI vill be i guests of Uimtir I M. I could not sleep had no appetite and it hurt me to walk. arid there are to he three who will depict chalcter i Mir trei1an women of the avvcieut lassie lime. Atlanta who has had and wilt have chat so of all of the techni- al work in oonn etn n with the con. Marvs- A FRIENDS ADVICE Woman Saved From a Seri- Cu' Surgical Operation. For four years I suffered from female troubles headaches and nervousness.

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Kai lo w Ill be permitted to i etet any ctiarattr she wishes to represent. It is known that one candidate plans rlra\lng tht' Hl Ictll Xind rella another Cleopatra another Portia pother Juan de re. who a to stag" iluerior Active throughout the prepatatiozi for the event Is ad R Rowntrrer iir svrfpnt d gen- era manager of the Srenic motion plc- turo theater. Wherefore there is a great need for the very ureneral application of such work as the people alone the central division or the Dixie highway have done in building the bridge rver the' St.

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