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Back in the day when AOL Instant Messenger was to online socializing what Facebook is today?

You could just pop into any one of thousands of chat rooms around the world and strike up a conversation. I was just a teenager then, horny as ever, going into chat room after chat room and messaging people with girly sounding usernames, “ASL?

Hey, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing that I’ve seen people get off to on the internet.

Once you choose a username (with your age in it, don’t forget), and choose a color that coordinates with your gender / sexual orientation, you can click to enter the room.

I decided to test my theory by checking out a chat room site known as Chatzy.

Although I highly doubt that I will find some hot young thing to sext with here, the site does have a wealth of sex-themed chat rooms to choose from, so I’m cautiously optimistic as I arrive at the site.

There’s “Sex Ed High,” a high school themed “virtual” room, but age play creeps me out (plus, I’m sure it’s filled with pedophiles if anything).

To the left of this, you will find a navigation bar.

Your options are to start a quick chat, create a virtual room (basically just a chat room with a theme-specific background image …

The first room in the list is called “Furry Sex,” and that shit is just too fucking weird for me.

So, naturally, I skip right over that, and the search continues.

Search for Chatzy sex free:

Chatzy sex free-73Chatzy sex free-59

They appear below the search bar, just like Google results.

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