Christian dating engagement timeline problems of verifying and validating real time systems

The irony thickens because married people can be just as restless in their dreams.

I once heard a friend say he wished he was single in order to have more time to read, study, serve, and spend for the kingdom. Yet the greatest irony is that these restless married people were likely just as disgruntled when they were single!

Too many singles pass their days wishing they were married.

Single girls can dream of their wedding day by pinning pretty pictures on their Pinterest boards just in case they happen upon a relationship tomorrow.

Now is the time to take these thoughts captive and kill any habit of comparison. Third, contentment is attainable for the Christian.

Contentment can be found in the fruit of the Spirit, which includes love, joy, peace, patience… The secret to Paul’s satisfaction has to do with Christ who “strengthens” him.

It is possible to be satisfied with Christ alone and have a good desire for marriage.

My goal is for you to live each season to the fullest. For example, it’s good to have a desire for sex in the confines of marriage, but it all depends on what you do with that desire.

Instead of enjoying each phase of their relationship and using it to grow in godliness, many people waste this portion of their life because they view it as a hindrance.

Bachelors can twirl their thumbs by designing a mental timeline for the next potential candidate.

Whether people are hanging paper lights on a virtual alter, or calculating the perfect proposal for the mystery Mrs., something is missing.

Not only is Christ enough, He also provides the strength for us to believe He is enough.

Paul was able to do things – which included being content – through Christ.

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