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Or you may both choose to accelerate the intimacy of the relationship before establishing shared trust and expectations for the relationship's future.Learning what makes for healthy boundaries, then guarding those boundaries, can help to protect both you and your dating partner.Similarly, if you have a misunderstanding with your dating partner, how you address the problem, including the words you use and the tone of your voice, can affect whether or not she feels cared for and understood or accused and alienated.Learning the necessary skills for effective interpersonal communication can help to safeguard against this common dating problem, as well as strengthen the relationship as a whole.Everything you’ve devoted your spare time to in the past year since the proposal has finally come together in the most magical and happiest day of your lives.As you move forward through the journey of life together, there are certain things you’ll realize are a little different in married life versus what it was like as a unmarried, yet committed, couple.In addition to differing expectations for the overall relationship, problems can also arise in dating as a result of dissimilar backgrounds.

Understanding some of the most common dating problems, and learning ways to address them caringly and effectively, can help you enjoy and grow with your dating partner.Unless you both openly discuss this issue, you will not know that you both are acting on the basis of very different ideas.However, having dissimilar backgrounds can often be part of what attracts you to your dating partner, i.e.For example, you may be looking for a casual, short-term, open relationship, while your dating partner may be hoping for a serious, long-term, steady relationship.While you want to give the relationship time to unfold naturally, you also want to find sensitive, direct ways to communicate your expectations early on to help ensure that you and your dating partner are on the same page.

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