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They also include Greenville Junction, Moosehead Junction Township, Hartford’s Point, Little Moose Township, Shirley, Beaver Cove, Lily Bay through to Kokadjo and Frenchtown.The Greenville Fire Department also is part of a Mutual Aid Agreement with area communities.reported that bioarchaeologist Robyn Wakefield-Murphy examined the skeletal remains of a young pregnant Native American woman who was shot and killed by four arrowheads.The woman’s grave was found in the 1950s at the Shippenport Site, an excavation project in southwestern Pennsylvania, but her gravesite hasn’t been closely analyzed until now.However, her time with the occasionally controversial radio personality saw her dig much deeper than her new music to deliver an interview some fans are already calling her most personal yet.Array For, it saw her speak openly on the loss she felt after her mother’s passing when she was six-years-old, her affinity with the African-American community and her romantic ties to the later rapper Tupac Shakur.

We are seeking applicants who are considering or are pursuing a law degree and want to get a feel for how a law firm operates and learn some of the back end procedures and processes that are involved to either determine if law is the right field for them or to acquire experience for career path development.

Our department provides the following services: Fire Suppression, Vehicle Rescue, Hazardous Materials Mitigation, Public Education, Public Service and Emergency Medical Assistance.

Greenville is a wonderful community in which we live.

Our department maintains a strong partnership with the community dating back to 1913 when the department was established.

We need your support and understanding of our operations. The Greenville Fire Department is dedicated to providing a safer community through preparedness, prevention and effective emergency mitigation.

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Follow the below steps to obtain a burn permit with the town of Greenville: For fire permits in unorganized territories contact: (207) 827-1800 The Greenville Fire Department is looking for Students from age 14-18 to get involved in the Jr. If you or someone you know is interested applications are available at the Town Office and Greenville Fire Station.

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