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• Aitutaki • Ātiu, Ma‘uke, and Miti‘āro (Ngāpūtoru) • Mangaia • Manihiki and Rakahanga • Rarotonga• Tongareva (Penrhyn).

The dialect of Rarotonga is the most widely used and standardised dialect, both in the Cook Islands and within Cook Islands communities in New Zealand.

This page lists resources and ideas to support the learning of this particular dialect.

Cook Islands Language Week supports the curriculum principles of cultural diversity and inclusion, and provides an opportunity for all students to: This special week helps all New Zealanders journey towards shared cultural understandings.

Learning a new language gives us insight into new ways of thinking, and to different beliefs and cultural practices.

Everyone who learns the languages of the Cook Islands helps to preserve them.

The United States has long been committed to Pacific friends and neighbors in promoting a peaceful, free and open Indo-Pacific region.

The United States is committed to the Pacific Islands’ future security and prosperity.

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