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It’s hard not to immediately notice that Dating looks eerily similar to predominant existing dating apps, like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble.

Which means that in one sense, Facebook is again looking for success through imitation.

Facebook is likely hoping that instead of getting someone’s number at a party, you’ll add them on Facebook and then to your Secret Crush list.

Other modern dating apps haven’t tried it, but that doesn’t exactly mean Secret Crush is innovative.

Think of it like matching on Tinder or Bumble, except you get to hand-pick the specific friends you want to date ahead of time, instead of hoping their profiles show up in the queue. If the feelings are only one-sided, the unrequited lover’s identity remains secret.

The object of their affection is then left to wonder who may have a crush on them, with no way to find out.

Crush - Guys make the first move, ladies have the final choice! Girls may create a question, the guy you like will answer your question before you unlock the chat!

Dating will also have a dedicated inbox that, unlike Messenger, does not allow you to send photos or links.Secret Crush will start rolling out to each locale Tuesday.For now, singles in the United States remain out of luck.You can only send text-based messages when chatting for the first time, which Facebook describes as a safety measure.Facebook will use a unique algorithm to match you with potential dates, based on “dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends.” You will also be able to find romantic interests via shared Groups and Events.

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Facebook is channeling its earliest days as a hot-or-not website for college students with a new feature called Secret Crush.

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