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Though the lack of sex started to kill the relationship about a year in.One thing to point out here, at the same time the sex started dropping off, I found out more and more about her past.She's gorgeous and gets a ton of male attention wherever we go, which we both love(d).Implementing the fantasy in reality, however, turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought. Hi, This is an email I wrote up of an encounter I had with Matthew, one of my many studs, who is very Catholic and therefore not allowed to penetrate me - that was supposed to be sent to my BF but he misbehaved and I never ended up sending it.When Jerry specifically asked if he should put some panties in the luggage, I told him that I didn't plan on wearing any panties during our trip.I also told him not to pack any underwear, as I didn't want him wearing any if I wasn't. Hi, Not long after highschool, and the break up with my long term highschool girlfriend I met a girl in community college. We moved very fast, and she was staying at my place most of the time within 2 months.We had some creepy/flaky encounters that really turned her off and we put it on the back burner for a while. My boyfriend gets to read about it here on the blog as he has been good.

I'd much rather see something similar to my experience, middle aged woman and only active participants present ha.

We realized fairly early on in our relationship that we shared the fantasy of sharing her with another man, ideally in a MFM threesome.

We would spend hours on the phone/via text/in bed working ourselves up and having amazing sex for hours thinking about it.

Hi, I've followed this blog for years and have always enjoyed all the amazing stories that everyone has posted.

In return, I want to give a little back and share my own humble story of sharing my girlfriend over the past few years.

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I had also set a goal to get laid a few times on the cruise. I would tell him what I wanted, and he would find it and pack for me.

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  1. Sharing (a la “Ready for Love”) about a bodily function oops is never sexy. It’s an opportunity to laugh together, show your confidence, and nothing more. let’s just say it might be slightly more difficult for you two to find common interests: not impossible, just less likely! Also they’ll have to tell you if it was your photos, your wit, or some combination of both.