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You know, on some level, that every guy isn't your dad — but sometimes, it's easier to remember that when you can point to some counterexamples. It's heartening to hear that you're reckoning with your daddy issues, but they're not going away. However, the following three days were not so great.Parental issues stretch back to the womb, by definition. He was always on his phone and not paying attention to me at all.They can be fickle, hardheaded, and complex, but they can also be affectionate, caring, and loving.The last three traits may be enough to make any guy want to date them, despite their issues.

[Read: Sex in a relationship – what it means to a woman] #2 Clinginess. You will likely see this in her response to men and women; she’ll usually be warm and friendly toward men, yet cold and aloof toward women. When a woman feels threatened by the possibility of losing you, her subconscious will take action by cutting you off.

It's how we're hard-wired and, for most of us, that messy wiring can take a lifetime to untangle. For a large portion of our days, we'd sit on the bed while he played video games with his friends online.

He gave me his phone to look up a restaurant and he kept getting message notifications from girls on Whats App and Ok Cupid.

They will probably let things settle down with their moms before they decide to bring a guy home.

[Read: 10 things men just need to accept about women] Dating girls with daddy issues sounds taxing, but it’s not a definite letdown.

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