Dating a man who is always broke

It's going to take me about 4 years at the current rate to clear these debts and in the meantime I have to watch my spending closely.

It's hard to have very little money to do fun stuff, but if it's a temporary situation, even if "temporary" means a couple of years, it should be doable.

And self-defeating if you really enjoy his company. If you're dating a guy who has limited discretionary income due to ACTUALLY taking financial responsibility for his kids and not bucking the system, well, he sounds like a pretty okay guy to me.

That he does not have a job at the moment or that he’s down on his luck does not disqualify him from finding love; and if you find yourself falling for a guy like this, here are things you need to know: 1.

I'm not foolish enough to think that's a workable situation.

However, if by "if the situations were switched" you mean that you could pay for trips and plays, but you are choosing not to because it's his place as a man to do that, then yeah, that's hella sexist. Growing up was a split hair above the poverty line for most of my childhood.

If it's a really long term situation, then that might be problematic as resentment might grow along the way.

People – friends and family - will question your decision to do this and if your stand isn’t solid enough, you might waver.

You know those things that your former boyfriend used to do because he could afford it? You know those great, cute gifts your friends get from their boyfriends and post on Instagram?

Sorry ma’am, you might not be able to post them for a while.

Those traits are not likely to change and I don't need a project .

If a man is broke due to circumstance (child support, paying off school loans, getting an education, whatever) but he is responsible and hard working then I don't care. If he was actually channeling his energy into meaningful work that made a difference, and/or doing his best to increase his income so he could start to chip away at his loans, it may have ended differently.

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