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Each rectangle in the spreadsheet is called a cell, and they are each named according to their column letter and row number. That said, other formulas that reference a cell will take into account the current value of a cell.

If A4 = A3 1, then it would be equal to 4, because it stacks the formula of A3 (A1 A2) with A4 = A3 1.

Formulas can reference other formulas multiple times. Search Bar: Simply type the value you want to find to highlight all cells containing that value. For instance, if you searched for “o,” a cell labeled “Dogs” would appear among your search results. Sheet Tabs: This is where the different sheets in your workbook can be found.

Each sheet gets its own tab, which you can name yourself.

In this article, you will learn how to create a spreadsheet in Excel with step-by-step instructions, details on what you can do with all its main functions, information on how to navigate the tools, and some free, easy-to-use templates.

You’ll also learn how to do the same for spreadsheets you can create in Word, Google Sheets, and a powerful spreadsheet application, Smartsheet.

In general, Excel integrates best with databases and any dataset requiring many calculations per workbook.

For example, you might have an annual budget, where each month is a column, and each row is a type of expense.Home and business users alike can create powerful spreadsheets and reports to track data and inform their decisions.One powerful Excel feature is Macro, little scripts and recordings you can create to make the program perform different actions automatically.While no other spreadsheet program has this type of feature, it is complex and can pose difficulty for beginners.Excel also has close tie-ins with Microsoft Access, a database program, which can add power.

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