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The Jaeger-Le Coultre Atmos Classique is 22.5 cm tall, 20 cm wide, and has a depth of 15.5 cm.In addition to the gold versions, there are also silver-gray versions made of rhodinized brass.I'm preparing both you and I for the future frustration.These clocks were wound with two mercury filled glass vials.The Swiss engineer Jean-Léon Reutter (1899-1971) invented the Atmos in 1928.Jaeger-Le Coultre bought the patent shortly thereafter.This growing and shrinking motion is used to wind the caliber's mainspring and put the hands in motion.

Even more expensive are the blue crystal Atmos models designed by the Australian designer Marc Newson.The Marina version (costing around 4,000 euros) is in a solid case and features maritime imagery such as ships, fish, and water plants.You can find a special model of this version, the China Aquarium, under reference number 5806.The very first commercial production run of the Atmos (now called the Atmos 1) was made by Compagnie generale de radio (CGR). I will overhaul these clocks for , which is a base mechanical overhaul including all labor. This means that I have no access to any external or case parts but can provide any needed internal and movement parts.Together with Jean-Leon Reutter, production started in June 1929. The only supplier of the Reutter suspension springs, furnishes springs that are wider than they need to be so I must thin these in order to bring the Atmos to time.

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