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Head there on a weekend when the drinks are on free flow and the music is blaring and hit on as many women as you can handle.Just keep putting in the work until you find the right slut for the night.For the guys who prefer to go out and dance at clubs try visiting Harem or Taboo.And the guys who want more of a pick up bar setting to try and meet girls for casual sex in Johannesburg head to the Landmark.Either way you should always use all resources at your disposal and Afro Introductions is a great way to meet single girls in Johannesburg.It is the most poppin’ dating site in Africa and will allow you to contact girls from all over this city, country, or continent without heading into sketchy areas.

If you just blurt out ‘are you a prostitute’ then you will burn the bridge with any good girl who was wanting to sleep wth you for free.

We all like to do things our own way, but the real key is that no matter what you like that you keep doing it until it works.

Volume is the name of the game here, as it is everywhere, just stay motivated and good things should happen for you.

Some guys want to go out to a crazy club and try to dance with every slutty girl they see.

They just hop from one hot girl to the next until one starts shaking her ass on them and they see just how far she will go.

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