Dating cousin through marriage

The Bible doesn’t address the subject of cousin marriage directly.According to Leviticus 18:6-18, a man is forbidden to marry the following: Notably, cousins are not included in the list.In short, this view sees the Bible as having value primarily as a piece of ancient literature. Their concern for the poor, widows and the homeless.Liberalism is usually associated with the social gospel.Galatians even tells us that scripture is accurate down to the word. Those who hold to this view believe the Bible contains the Word of God as opposed to being the Word of God.They believe Jesus Christ is the proper object of worship, and they criticize the conservative view of inspiration as “worshiping the Bible.” For them, the Bible is inspired when it exalts one’s own view of Jesus.

They believe the Bible was written by good men who made mistakes.They seek scientific or natural explanations for the creation account and miracles.For prophecy, they usually attempt to show the prophetic books were written after the event.What are “liberal, ” “neoorthodox, ” and “conservative” views of inspiration?These terms refer to different views of the Bible’s accuracy, truth, and how the Bible was written.

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Nevertheless, it remains a factor that merits serious consideration.

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