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Finally, I’d be amiss if I let you get away without a mention of Clare Lyons book about sex in colonial Philadelpia, titled .

The premarital pregnancy stuff I talk about is condensed from a classic in the field by Daniel Scott Smith and Michael Hindus, “Premarital Pregnancy in America, 1640-1971: An Overview and Interpretation,” _Journal of Interdisciplinary History_ 5 (1974-5).

She believed that I should have as much of a childhood as possible and not have to tote and fetch to supply for my father’s deficiencies in home maintenance.

She also believed that I should read as much as possible so that I would never have to do manual labor.

She painted, papered, nailed, sawed, drilled, did wiring and plumbing, all efficiently and neatly.

(She’s one of those people who could paint a ceiling in a three-piece suit.) Mom had a variety of reasons to keep me out from underfoot.

I just realized how strange that sequence of posts was. His repairs didn’t look great, but damn, he’d never have to do that repair again. I didn’t learn anything about fixing things from observing him, though I did learn how to make people leave.

However, I ask you, is there really a good way to transition between historic episodes of beastiality in colonial New England and painting one’s bathroom? My mom — being equal to any task and an intelligent farm woman — did most of everything that needed to be done in a timely fashion.

As her ambition is to be an architect, I think she’ll find it interesting to see how things go together.

Living with my husband for the last fourteen years (and the inevitable getting sensible that getting older brings) has really helped.

His grandfather was a jack-of-all-trades and passed along his “yeah, I can do that” to his grandson.

Together, we’ve sanded wood floors, done plumbing, rewired part of the house, plastered, painted, stained, refinished, the whole homeowning shooting match.

He never made me his parts-runner; what we don’t know, we figure out together and we do the job together.

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Why were there way more prostitutes in colonial America than today?

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