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The bill of the Trumpeter appears heavy and somewhat wedge-shaped in proportion to its large angular head, similar to the head profile of a canvasback duck.

Other field characteristics of the Tundra Swan include a distinct yellow spot in front of the eye on about 80 percent of the birds.

The Snow Goose, however, is significantly smaller, with a wingspan of only about 3 feet and with black wing tips (all ages).

The state population now exceeds 5,000, with most nesting birds concentrated in four areas: in northwestern counties, especially in Burnett and Polk; in several northern counties in a line from Oconto County to Douglas County, in the central sand counties, especially Wood and Juneau; and in the southwestern counties of Crawford and Grant.

With a wingspan over 7 feet, these snow-white birds are truly spectacular.

Trumpeters have broad, flat bills with fine tooth-like serrations along the edges that strain water when the birds eat aquatic vegetation.

Three swan species can be found in Wisconsin - trumpeter, tundra and the non-native mute swan.

The male is called a cob; and the female is called a pen.

Most Trumpeter Swans don't nest until they are three to six years old, although some may nest for the first time at age two years.

Trumpeters mate for life and may live for 20 to 30 years.

The tundra is slightly smaller than the trumpeter however both species are white with a black bill.

A notable difference between the two is the distinct yellow spot in front of the eye found on about 80 percent of tundra swans.

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