Dating the crucifixion of jesus

Most likely, Tiberius’s reign was counted either from the day he took office in .

The Year Jesus’s Ministry Began If Jesus, as the Gospels seem to indicate, began his ministry not long after John, then based on the calculations above, the earliest date for Jesus’s baptism would be in late .

Among the Gospel writers, no one makes this point more strongly than Luke, the Gentile physician turned historian and inspired chronicler of early Christianity.

The Year John the Baptist’s Ministry Began Luke implies that John the Baptist began his public ministry shortly before Jesus did, and he gives us a historical reference point for when the Baptist’s ministry began: “In . “The fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar” sounds like a straightforward date, but there are some ambiguities, beginning with when one starts the calculation.

29 (there was no year zero)—a great way to check our math above!

However, the discrepancy in dating is perhaps best explained with the realization that the author of the gospel of John was not concerned about dates in the way modern historians are, but was giving a testimony of faith about his community’s experience of the risen Lord.

It so happens that because of astronomical calculations A. 30 and 33 are the only possible dates for Jesus’ crucifixion as far as the date of Passover in these two years is concerned (for the dating of the four Passovers in question see esp.

Waddington, “The Jewish Calendar, a Lunar Eclipse, and the Date of Christ’s Crucifixion,” 15.11.6 §421).

In the synoptic gospels, Jesus; “last supper” is clearly a Passover meal (Matt.-20, Mark -17, Luke 22:7-16).

Therefore, the crucifixion and death of Jesus takes place AFTER the passover meal.

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