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Taylor’s got married to her third husband, Mike Todd a theatre and film producer in February 1957 and that same year had a daughter for him named Elizabeth.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 1958 not because of a divorce but as a result of a fatal plane crash on March 22, 1958, that claimed Todd’s life.

A later Hawaii civil unions policy resolved the ruling in 1999, but the six years of was the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which established that states would not be obligated to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states and that the federal government would not recognize them at all.

Taylor had two sons with him named Michael and Christopher.

Oklahoma's 1953 law allowing no-fault divorces finally allowed couples to make the mutual decision to divorce without declaring a guilty party; most other states gradually followed suit, beginning with New York in 1970. The Supreme Court of Hawaii's series of rulings in asked a question that, until 1993, no government body had really asked: if marriage is a civil right, how can we legally justify withholding it to same-sex couples?

In 1993 the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled, in effect, that the state needed a really good reason, and challenged legislators to go find one.

But in less than a year, the marriage hit the rocks as she revealed that her husband was abusive and she was granted a divorce in January 1951.

Second on the husband list is the British actor, Michael Wilding whom she married in 1952 but divorced him five years later in 1957.

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