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I even wrote to them complaining of this and never received a response. Your lawyer is of no help since its doubtful theyre admitted to a foreign bar or licensed to practice there.I even wrote to ladies way outside my local area and again the same. I mean I thought there b at least 10 % of real women seeking. You will undoubtedly get screwed thinking you have stopped the automatic billing or deduction from your card account. If you like someone's profile and you think that there may be a match between you, then meet that person. I just don't believe in these "likes" sincerity.If you call them your always on hold for over 30 minutes before they finally pick up and the person that does answer must be the custodian can never get a straight answer......all were warned stay away they do not deliver. And u get messages from other states with phony numbers. I joined with a cheap trial membership just to see if this was real. I checked out 39 female profiles and 37 of the 39 profiles I did a deep dive on came back with FAKE photos that were pulled from other sources. This is so fake I think it's got to be criminal fraud on the part of the company. The sites gets you to sign up by sending emails stating you have messages.

Therefore I feel that all the profiles are false and made up my Mate 1. The legalese in the terms is one sided in their favor.

I went on the site with an open mind and a purse heart, wanting to be able to date and hopefully have a relationship develop because of it.

I tried looking at fifteen profiles but the caption on each was, "They have chosen to delete their profile". Had one picture of a black girl and description said she was white/caucasian.

Next one when she said she was not at home in KS but in Nigeria I told her right a way she was a crook. What I mean by "salt," is bait because nothing ever happened, at least for me, was a bunch of B. "Likes," with no follow through, no calls, and no dates.

This company executives should b put in jail No one I messaged through the system answered. The first one said she was a contractor in Nigeria who had all her money stolen and could I please help her, she even sent an image of a drivers license. They said they had prior reports about that identity being stolen. It Cost Me To Find Out The Truth, Thank God I Bought A Card & Not Use My REAL CARD!!!! Would have rated them with a zero, BUT IT WASN' T A CHOICE!!!!!!

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