Devon werkheiser and lindsay shaw is dating

Ned tells Suzie that Moze has a date, and suggests they double date. Jock Goldman suddenly appears and offers to take Moze.

He apologizes for hurting Moze and says he's willing to do anything to make it up to her.

I loved the double date between Ned/Suzzie and Jennifer/Jock. Ned was always running to the bath room, and Moze was trying to help him and just when he went o kiss Suzie he kissed Moze instead.

I watched that part a the next episode Last Day, everyone was happy except Ned.

Finally they all admitted that it was a mistake only to kiss again.

Meanwhile Cookie was trying to catch his invention and Gordy finally caught the weasel only to let it go cause Cookie's invention would of killed it.

Ned was afraid that Suzzie didn't want to date him and Moze would't want to be friends with him.

Then they were both trying to avoid each other and Suzzie.

Cookie says tomorrow is the last day of school and they might never see each other again.By doing a quick search for Devon Werkheiser on, you will discover a long list of photos of the actor/singer-songwriter/musician.Some of the search results include,, and teenidols4This has to be my favorite Ned Episode so far, and I hope those two get together again.Nickelodeon's "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" hit TV screens everywhere starting in 2004.

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