Did brendon urie dating ryan ross

How do I add a picture to Wikipedia's Brendon Urie article? WEEEEEEEE, so if you have any more stuff to add write bak. Jazzline B (talk) , 17 November 2007 (UTC) I have attempted to clean up article, but there are still two comments that I cannot find references for.

(i think, i hope) There should be alot of facts in his Personal Life section.

One, being that he's the youngest of five and has two older brothers and two older sisters.

Two, being that be shares an apartment with Shane Valdez and that they have a dog named Dylan.

Hackajar , 5 December 2006 (UTC) dude he comes from Hawaiian roots so yaa yeah hes hawaiian. at the Disco Wikiproject here, to see how many people would be interested before starting one.

The project would be an effort by a group of Wikipedians to build and improve all Panic! Imdb said the same thing but they don't list sources so...

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  1. His mother felt he became sad, which she attributed to the move to San Diego when he was 12, and the family used up health insurance to have several sessions with a clinical social worker.