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Gemini Honolulu, Hawaii, USAAustralian and American (Dual Citizenship)Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Nicole Kidman attended Lane Cove Public School and later North Sydney Girls’ High School, Sydney, Australia but dropped out in 1984 to work as a massage therapist to help her family.

She, then, went to Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Victoria and at the Phillip Street Theatre, Sydney.

To this day, he even calls her “Pretty muthaf****,” so here’s to hoping that you can call that a term of endearment…?

in 1997 it was pointed out that she was dating Thomas, who lived in Miami at the time of their relationship: Her love life has been full too.

In 2003, this short relationship all started when Kidman was said to be renting Lenny Kravitz’s apartment.

Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman After her much publicized split with actor Tom Cruise, it was pretty safe to say that Nicole Kidman was open to trying new things, including black men.

It was an Australian TV Series consisting of total 39 episodes in all the 3 seasons. David Janik and Jenna Phillips have been her personal trainers in the past.

Now, she was seen with her another trainer as it is clear from this pic.

Then all of a sudden, the two started showing up at events together looking all bohemian chic and shy walking away from paparazzi. Nicole Kidman and Q-Tip But Lenny wasn’t the only chocolate fella that Nicole was checking for.she used to date q-tip from a tribe called quest...tip's real name is kamaal ibn john fareed - which begs the question: why does nicole kidman hate america? Most girls only date black men for 2 reasons, to see if the rumors are true(quite a few have told me its a damn lie) or they have money.No matter the color, quite a few women are greedy hos, which explains why kidman could go back she has her own money.And she’s scared of nothing.” If she was messing with him, it’s safe to say that’s very true.TJ Holmes and Chilli The very handsome journalist and TV personality (and now host of the new BET program, “Don’t Sleep”) dated the former TLC singer around the time that he was getting divorced from his first wife, a high school sweetheart. It wasn’t a situation where he was going through a divorce and still married.

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