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The only way we're going to transform society and the culture is to have believing, prayerful, scripture reading, sacramental Catholics who with their own drive and energy will have an enormous impact on entertainment, the arts, music, culture and politics." Mc Closkey sees a smaller and increasingly orthodox church emerging in the next two decades."Over time, the children and grandchildren of the nominal Catholics will simply fade away."I think an extreme libertarian would have hard time being a Catholic in that regard, and I think a Marxist would have a hard time being a Catholic, but there's a very large middle in terms of .what are the right decisions in bringing social justice to a society." Are there any circumstances under which a faithful Catholic politician could support civil union for gay couples? There's no wiggle room, certainly, in that area." What's the state of Catholic higher education?that capital punishment is something that can be imposed by the state." What options are available to Cath-olic couples who use artificial contraception?

"For everyone I've received outside [the RCIA framework], I've sent many other people" to parish RCIA programs, said Mc Closkey."But some of the people of more fame I have dealt with are people who do not fit -- [who] are not going to go to the local parish and sit in the class for an hour every week for nine months," said Mc Closkey.What do conservatives find attractive about what Mc Closkey offers?"Perhaps," Mc Closkey speculated, "they are more interested in basic issues of truth, common good, and salvation.It's hard to say." One common element: "A majority of them on moral issues .

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Sam Brownback of Kansas, conservative book publisher Alfred Regnery, economist and commentator Larry Kudlow, and one-time New York gubernatorial candidate Lewis Lehrman.

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