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He does other things, like researching and buying things I need or asking me to take a walk. If you notice your wife is feeling blue, do something special, even if it’s sitting and watching a movie with her or giving her a neck rub. Too many times we get used to what our spouses do that we expect it.

Yes, you should always ask if she’d prefer that you keep everyone out while she sleeps (but usually that’s a man thing and women prefer to have sympathetic company). If you take a moment to reflect, you will find something to be grateful for and saying it will open doors.

It also gives you the opportunity to express affection with a hug or kiss, or even ask for company (if you’d like some).

I’ve been in the romance business long enough to know that these steps work both ways, but I’m entitling this post “how to make HER fall in love with you all over again” because I’m a woman, and I have more experience with how women feel and what they want.

Often it’s the small daily things that mean more to women than anything else.

On a Facebook post, I asked people what their significant other did for them that shows love.

So many women came back saying something like running a bath, bringing a drink, reaching out for a hug, going to doctor appointments.

Simple things that don’t cost money or take much effort but show her she is loved.

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