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A pinto is possible however not necessarily guaranteed.

Genetics can be quite complicated, the only way to guarantee to get a pinto foal is to have one of the parents a homozygous pinto, as the pinto gene has to be passed on for the progeny to have the colour.

Mark Wahlberg and many others were in the 2001 version of Planet of the Apes.

“Freida is a very beautiful woman and she brings just the right amount of intensity to her character.” “You meet me towards the end of the film, which is why I told Danny [Boyle] I didn’t understand when he told me I would join them for all the presswork.

I said I’m barely in the film for twenty, twenty-five minutes at the most,” Pinto recalls.

Though Pinto appears briefly early on in the film—a vibrant image of a smiling young woman wearing a yellow blouse—we have to wait a long time to see her again.

Interestingly, the character of Latika did not exist in the Vikas Swarup novel, “Q & A,” from which the screenplay was adapted.

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Unable to forget Latika, the orphan girl he loved as a child, he continues searching for her despite the obstacles of time, poverty and a menacing older brother.

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