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Denk, who seemed to be in a pretty good mood himself as he added, “We've done so much in the last 90 days it's unbelievable.”Then he went into his dispatch case to bring out some of the things they've done.

He showed ads for freshdating Bond bread, which he asserts is a first in the industry, and ads with cents‐off coupons in newspapers, which he says is another first.“The bread industry was dead as far as promotions went,” he noted, “but we're borrowing from the cookie and cracker business.” He told of how Mr. Denk joined Sunshine, a subsidiary of American Brands, to head up manufacturing in 1967, having previously been with American Bakeries (Tastee) and Ward (Tip Top). But this is the first time he's had his wife, Ruth, as a fellow company. She's vice president and treasurer and also selected the new corporate color scheme—brown and beige. It's nice to see a couple making bread together.

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