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One last time with feeling, this is how the numbers shook out: We’ve broken down popularity of various sex acts by sexual identity in previous posts.Here’s what the entire group is into: Notably, despite there being slightly more bottoms than tops in our group, y’all prefer to give things more than receive them pretty much across the board — unless it involves putting your mouth or finger in somebody’s asshole, at which point you’d rather have somebody do it to you than do it to somebody! Survey-takers were asked “Within the past six months, how often have you, on average, had sex?Tomboy femmes almost tipped the scale in the other direction but not quite — 59% are prone to switching it up.But, as discussed on the tops post, it’s never safe to assume what somebody’s into based on their gender presentation.started forty-eight years ago as a simple going-away party.

Some of the nation's best DJs work the crowds to a frenzy.

” This is how that turned out: For the “Other/Complicated” option, survey-takers were required to describe their situation.

I went through those and pulled all the ones that were about long-distance relationships and made that into its own category, and also pulled answers that did include a definite measure of sexual frequency and added those to their respective categories.

Here’s the basic breakdown of the group by sexual orientation: Some noted correlations: Here’s how y’all feel about your gender today: As discussed in our post on tops, our survey revealed that the “masculine partner = top” and “feminine partner = bottom” stereotype (which was, back in the day, an absolute directive) has a lot of truth to it, but it definitely can’t be applied across the board.

Around 8% of those who identified as high femme or hard femme identified as tops, compared to 12% of the entire group.

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After all, here, every night is a party regardless of whether it's Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Halloween or a regular Tuesday.

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