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Cat handled an embarrassing situation with as much finesse as possible.

Adam then begins a culinary tour through New Zealand.

Cat as usual looked stunning in fabrics that would most people should not leave their House in, black leather last week, bright coloured sequins this week.

Pasha certainly looked relieved to not be in the bottom three as he had been in the previous two weeks. I was a bit sceptical about this as I know Australians love to claim people as our own eg kiwi Russell Crowe, and even the Bee Gees who were barely foetuses when they were living here.

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  2. 24) Mister Wives – July 30th (Osheaga) These guys make such infectious pop tunes!! I would call them one of my surprises of Osheaga – alongside another artist you’ll see later on this list. Usually, I would expect some rust and bumps – but nothing like that appeared here. 23) BØRNS– July 31st (Osheaga) BØRNS has literally stepped out of the 1970s and it’s awesome.