How to cope with an intimidating boss

In Australia, workplace health and safety legislation effectively holds employers responsible for ensuring the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of employees.

Mental stress claims lodged by affected employees against their employer increased by 25% from 2001 to 2011.

And even if you have an awesome boss, jitters can creep up because you want to succeed in your career and you feel responsible for helping your team to shine.

Nervous people, however, often make mistakes because they can’t focus. Knowing these problems, of course, can make you more nervous – leading to a vicious cycle.

Physical Insomnia, hair loss, weight loss/gain, headaches, stomach upsets, viruses and colds.

Example: I know the team appreciates your weekly emails to everyone in the department acknowledging those who have exceeded their sales quotas.Although the proportion of stress claims specifically relating to “poor relationships with superiors” was not reported, a Medibank Private commissioned study reported that in 2007 the total cost of work related stress to the Australian economy was A.8 billion; the direct cost to employers alone in stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism was A.11 billion.A recent study into the impact of systemic toxic behaviours exhibited by managers found that even one or two toxic behaviours, such as manipulating and intimidating, was enough to cause significant harm to employees’ mental and physical health.However, I feel hurt and embarrassed when my name is repeatedly not on the list, because of what you have described as a clerical error when typing your email.Everyone in an organization has the right to fair, respectful treatment. Save related emails and document conversations with your boss, in case things don’t change and you need to file a hostile environment complaint with management.

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This person’s perception and actions can affect your career path and your livelihood, so being afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing is rather common.

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