How to troll a dating website with ms paint

it was when I brought the trolls into the picture," saying that Homestuck became a "contagious phenomenon" about halfway through the sub-arc introducing the characters.

Portrayed as a powerful psychic, Aradia is responsible for recovering the code for the troll version of Sburb, Sgrub, from some ruins.

seeing loads of couples that don’t think twice about how they’re dating somebody of the same gender of themselves." With few exceptions, all trolls fall on the hemospectrum, a caste system dictated by blood color and its corresponding attributes, such as lifespan, powers, personality, and rarity.

Where burgundy-blooded trolls are common and fall at the bottom of the social hierarchy, fuchsia blood is exceptionally rare, and its carriers sit at the top of the hierarchy.

Sollux is a gold-blood, a caste known for great psychic power.

Sollux has the ability to talk to the recently deceased, who inform him that Alternia will be annihilated.

He is portrayed as a loyal "leader" of the group of kids, despite also being described as a "stereotypical mischief-making teen." Rose Lalonde is portrayed as an "intellectual", both through her obsession with Lovecraftian literature and through her organizing and planning the group's movement during the story.

While the first few acts of Homestuck focused on a more realistic theme of what it is like for a group of kids to be friends on the Internet, the trolls took on more explicit representations of facets of Internet culture.

I don't speak Japanese, but I played through it anyway.

Apparently dates with Makabe involve his punching you in the face repeatedly.

Hussie stated that each troll represents a kind of Internet behavior that is "marginalized or controversial, or something most people just want nothing to do with." Homestuck aims to normalize and humanize internet cultures that are usually disfavored and rejected.

Trolls chat with unique typing quirks, inserting clues concerning the speaker's identity in their chat patterns.

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The webcomic centers on a group of teenagers who unwittingly bring about the end of the world through the installation of a beta copy of an upcoming computer game.

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