Interoffice dating ethics

Instead, follow these steps to maintain the best ethical interview practices possible. Employees are becoming increasingly ‘woke’ about their rights, including how they should be treated by employers throughout their time at a company.

Increasingly, the importance of how they are treated starts at the point of recruitment, including during the interview stage.

Of the amount surveyed, an astounding 99% of organization's that allowed interoffice dating did not allow them between a supervisor and a direct report.

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Even for the most seasoned hiring managers, interviews can be socially awkward and uncomfortable.

To ease the tension, it's tempting to descend into informal behaviour, but it can lead to breaking the law.

These ‘similarities’ can include people with similar values and social backgrounds, including the way someone looks or talks.

The way employers can stop this from happening is if they constantly question why they’ve brought the candidate to interview stage.

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If you engage in any form of direct or indirect discrimination, your company could be under threat of being liable to the UK Government’s Equality Act of 2010.

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