Interracial dating is wrong

It will not destroy any God-appointed diversity in the world.

It will, in fact, feature that diversity and the power of Christ in it.

So, let me give four brief pointers to the way the Bible, I believe, supports the marriage of believers in Christ Jesus regardless of race.As a race, however, they are unique and different and have their own culture. He made them uniquely different and intended that these distinctions remain.God never intended the human race to become a mixed or mongrel race.He is author of more than 50 books, including We get a surprising number of questions on interracial marriage — and we take them seriously. We love each other very much and really want to get married, however my boyfriend has a conscience struggle because he has been told in the past that interracial marriage is a sin.We are of different nationalities (though born in the same city and country and raised in the same high school).

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