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A thought or opinion should not be a crime, a word regardless of how offensive is still just a word.

It boggles the mind to understand how one side of the aisle may say whatever it wishes and it is considered an exercise of "opinion and free speech" while that same side then attacks the other side as being belligerent and unlearned!

Though their daughter arrived on January 7, the couple just posted an Instagram announcement of her birth yesterday.

She carried white roses and blue hydrangeas down the aisle, which matched the wedding's color scheme. donned a black suit and black striped tie to exchange the couple's vows, which lasted 30 minutes.

Martin’s Press, a decades-long friend of Kennedy and a guest at his August 2014 wedding “was mystified as to why Hines married Bob, since his history as a womanizer had become so public and was intertwined in scandal.” “Any woman who gets involved with Bobby does so with her eyes open, or their brains lopped off,” said the so-called friend.

And if you think, ‘Wow, I’ll be different,’ then you’re [bleep].” RFK Jr.’s wild womanizing was chronicled in The Post last year when we exposed diaries he used to keep track of his affairs. 22, talked to sources who said Mary was not surprised by Robert’s womanizing, but his romance with Cheryl shocked her. Larry David had brought about the introduction,” says the book. women sticking ­together, women supporting one another.” Just two months before Robert and Hines tied the knot, reports surfaced that he’d cheated on her with socialite Chelsea Chapman Kirwan.

PHOTOS: Celeb wedding dress predictions The actress recently gushed to Us why she and the attorney are a perfect match. Family first," she said at the Riverkeeper Fishermen's Ball in NYC in April.

"We like to have a good time and work hard."Hines noted that "it's fun to have a partner" while supporting each other's respective causes, but the pair also cherish their downtime together.

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