Isyncr not updating play count

Music downloaded from i Tunes is no longer locked down.

Songs are formatted as unlocked AAC files that can be played on pretty much any device.

i Syncr is good because it lets you both import all of your i-Tunes playlists and all meta-data including ratings and play-counts to your android and it allows you to continually sync the play counts and ratings from your phone back into i Tunes.

Rocket Player is the music playing app made by the same company and so far it has the most features that I have found.

The synced playlists stay in the same order on the phone.

I have tried several apps and methods to sync i Tunes playlists.

I'm only experiencing a small issue that only seems to happen with smart playlists.

You can even set it to sync while you are asleep so you never have to consciously sync your device again.

[I dislike i Tunes just because I feel the program is a bit heavy, but the syncing method I linked above is perfect] Let me know if you have any other questions.

I know a ton about syncing music with an Android phone, and I've tried pretty much everything. Seeing as you are coming from Apple, you may want to continue using i Tunes and that's totally doable. Yes it is a paid app, but it's totally worth it.

Your major options of a desktop client to sync with Android are: i Tunes, Google Play Music, Music Bee Personally, I prefer Music Bee because the desktop client is super lightweight and customizable. There are tons of features like syncing wirelessly.

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This app is by far the best and one of the fastest ways to sync playlists.

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