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But first, allow me to shamelessly direct you toward two articles that might be more broadly helpful in this venture of yours: a roundup of popular dating apps to help you decide what to try (don't feel like you've got to be on them all. You'd be surprised how many folks out there make statements like "I like to have fun." Who doesn't like to have fun? "), and even if you're feeling self-conscious, avoid referencing the process ("sooooo this is weird but here it goes! We know -- trying to find a date the way you shop for a car online has its odd moments.

No one has the time or emotional fortitude for that) and some general do's and don'ts of creating a profile. You might be on a platform that gives you only a few hundred characters in which to express your charming self. Your feelings on fun would be notable only if you hated fun -- that would be a headline (also, you might be a psychopath). (Looking for low mileage either way, though, amma right?

I've spent some downtime writing around 15 of these profile bios, and I'm utterly embarrassed by each one. Before you download anything, I want to tell you something: Don't be embarrassed. Don't just say you like to travel, say you're trying to visit every bottle cap factory in America.

When it comes to online dating, it's helpful to embrace the mindset that everyone's there for the same reason: They're all humans beings looking for other human beings. Since you mentioned bios, I'm going to focus on that. Also, steer clear of negative statements ("ferret owners, swipe left!

I'll show myself out.) Keep your bio upbeat, honest and concise.

And always proofread your profile -- FOR THE LOVE OF PETE PLEASE PROOFREAD YOUR PROFILE -- and don't feel like once you've written a bio you're locked in forever.

Start succeeding at online dating, without putting in additional time, spending more money and by decreasing your frustration.Use this section and the example to help you when you are writing your own messages.This is the last video to the communication section.This is sort of what it's like getting a message from a stranger on a dating platform telling you looks. Not only is it creepy, it's actually fairly common.You'll find you're far from the only person out there handing out compliments to women.

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One of these profiles will have a before and after example.

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