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Mitteilungen der geographischen Gesellschaft, Wien 99(2-3):146-160. In: Geographisches Gesellschaft, Wein, Festschrift Hunderjahrfeier, pp. (in German) (Note: geological wind erosion)Gabriel, A. Zur Oberflächengestaltung der Pfannen in den Trochenräumen Zentralpersiens (On the surface organization of the pans in the deserts of central Persia). In: Festschrift 60 lebenjahres Spreitzer, Wien, pp.

(eds), Wind erosion in West Africa: the problem and its control, Proceedings of the International Symposium, 5-7 December 1994, Universität Hohenhiem, Margraf Verlag, Weikersheim, pp. (eds), Assessment of erosion, Chichester: New York: John Wiley and Sons, pp. In: International Workshop on Technical Aspects and Use of Wind Tunnels for Wind-Erosion Control and Combined Effect of Wind and Water on Erosion Processes, 17-18 November 1997, University of Ghent, Belgium, International Centre for Eremology, Special Report No. Problemy Osvoeniya Pustyn' (Problems of Desert Development) (4):42-48. Volgograd (Stalingrad): Vserossijskij Naučhno-Issledovatel'skij i Institut Agrolesomelioracii (VNIALMI), 13 pp.

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